Available Cabinets

Order any cabinet on this page before 1pm EST for immediate shipping.  
After 1pm EST, your cabinet will ship the next business day!

Generally, what you will find on this page are cabinets that are one off's, new designs, prototypes, some cabinets that are made with wood that is left over from other builds using over-stock and buyout components that I get from manufacturers so I pass the savings on to you. And sometimes they are just designs that I think would be cool.

Due to an increase in the cost of wood of more than 200%, fuel, and shipping, we are forced, for the first time in five years, to increase all prices by approximately 25%. If costs come back down, so will our prices.

Dr. Bass DRB 110v stack

Dr. Bass DRB 110v stack

These little beasts may be small in stature, but big on tone. With it's 250 watt 10" woofer, that delivers deep rich tones and it's JBL tweeter...


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