Random Stuff

These are some of the customer comments, and some cool custom cabinets we have built over the years...

DRB 2105

I originally built this rig with a 112LF for myself but it went to DRB endorser Patrick O'Leary here in Myrtle Beach, and he makes it sing!

DRB 1260 custom

One of my personal favorites.... Tweed tolex and Oxblood grill cloth

DRB 110/112 stack

This is the first rig I did in blue DuraTex, and I love the color of it, and so did Ebay buyer "Boogiechris" who said: "TOTALLY GREAT GUY TO WORK WITH.... BEST BASS CABINETS ON THE MARKET"

The "Dr. Bass" special 110 compact stack

I built this rig for my Brother Tony "Dr Bass" Serio. Yes, I named the company after him. He is my inspiration, best friend, and the baddest bass player you have ever heard. He has the perfect "Jamerson" groove . These are only 18 lbs. and 15h x 15"w x 12.5"d.

DRB 210-8v

Handcrafted for Pete Dilallo, FOH Sound engineer House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
Here is what Pete posted on his FB page: "So happy and excited to be part if the DR.BASS family thank you Marc Serio you are the man. This cabinet is Killer! Thx Marc"
You are very welcome Pete! I am honored to have someone who has mixed some of the top players in the world as a part of the Dr. Bass family,

DRB 12.6/112 stack

Handcrafted for Anthony C. Patterson, NJ

Long time Dr. Bass user, Ron Monroe, Woodside, NY and his new DRB 1210 cabinet he recieved about a month ago, (with his beautiful custom Fodera bass). He sent me a text with the following message:
"Killin'!!! No one I know is building such greatness but Dr. Bass! Finally...an all-time get around to the gig, bass cab that works with a low B-string..thanks again for listening Marc! ;-)
BTW, his 3rd Dr. Bass cabinet....

DRB 1210

DRB 2103v

This DRB 2103 is loaded with Faital Pro ceramic 250 watt 10" drivers and 4-3" Full range drivers that cover the mids and highs.. Love this cab! I was going to take down the listing on Reverb and keep it for myself, but Ryan M. from Selma, TX purchased it befrore I could take it down...

DRB 1580v in Charcoal DuraTex

My Precious little monster, (yes, she bites!)